Volvo B10M Plaxton Premiere C53F
New to Eastern Counties as 30 06/1997
YV31MA515VA047365 9712VUM720
Eastern Counties 06/97-04/09
Rambler Coaches 06/09-04/15
Lynx, Kings Lynn 04/15-07/19
Eastern Counties BPG 07/19

New to King’s Lynn in May 1997 it was delivered to complement the delivery of P731-4NVG which came in September 1996. 330 was part of a minor frequency increase for the X94 between Peterborough & Norwich. In 1998 the service was extended to Great Yarmouth this included delivery of R840/1DVF for the extension.

In 2002 the Volvo B10M’s were displaced off the X94 by 10 Plaxton Paragon Volvo B12M’s. 330 then transferred to Norwich to work the “excel” network working routes such as Norwich to Sheringham etc.

In 2004 it was re numbered 20120 under the nationalisation of First Bus as well as this the excel network was re launched. 330 was re deployed to the X1 (formerly X94) service from Lowestoft to Peterborough which operated every 30 minutes throughout the day. This was also the longest domestic UK service before it was required to be operated on Tachograph’s under EU regulations in about 2007. 330 continued on until withdrawn in 2009 this was after scale backs and cut backs on the excel network.

The withdrawal was sped up by additions of the Volvo B9TL’s in late 2008 also. From 2009 to 2015 she remained in private ownership at Rambler Coaches before coming home to King’s Lynn to LynxBus.

She spent 4 years at Lynx operating schools & occasional service before finally doing driver training in 2019. In July 2019 she passed to us at the ECBPG and currently awaiting restoration including full frame rebuild.

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